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Oaxacan Huipil - Short & Colorful Weave

Oaxacan Huipil - Short & Colorful Weave

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Wrap yourself in this handwoven Huipil, a masterpiece crafted on a traditional backstrap loom. This garment is a celebration of earthy tones, featuring stripes in shades of deep burgundy, dusky pink, muted taupe, and light olive green, complemented by delicate floral brocades in a soft blush. Constructed from 100% cotton threads, it’s designed for comfort and style, with practical side pockets and breezy side slits. Each Huipil takes 4 weeks to weave, reflecting the artisan’s dedication to creating a truly unique piece. The dimensions, 58 cm in width and 89 cm in length, offer a relaxed fit for various body types. This Huipil is not just clothing; it’s a statement of cultural heritage and timeless fashion.

Please note that the belt shown in the image is not included with the purchase of the huipil. Also, as this is an artisanal product, each piece is unique and may contain slight imperfections, which are a testament to the handcrafted nature and the individuality of the work.

Origin: Oaxaca
Made by: Eudosia
Material: 100% cotton
Width: 58 cm
Length: 89 cm

Shipping: 2-3 working days

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