About us

Welcome to Gracias MX
Our journey into the world of traditional Mexican textiles began with a personal connection to the vibrant heritage and skilled artisans of Mexico. As a native, I grew up marveling at the rich tapestry of colors and patterns in our local markets. This profound appreciation took a new turn when I moved to Germany and noticed the unfair use of these indigenous designs by international major retailers, without due credit to the original creators.

Our Essence
Compelled to make a difference, Gracias MX was born from a desire to bring authentic, handmade Mexican garments and home textiles to a global audience. Our collection is a kaleidoscope of ancestral art, with each piece encapsulating generations of tradition and expertise in embroidery, weaving and handicrafts sourced directly from makers in Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Estado de Mexico. 

Our Commitment
We are dedicated to fair trade and slow fashion. By buying directly from the artisans and honoring their pricing, we respect their hard work and help open doors to global markets. At Gracias MX, our ethos is built on respect, trust, transparency, and fairness.

Our Audience
Our products are for those who cherish statement pieces and slow fashion but seek to make meaningful purchases that support small-scale artisans and their timeless traditions.

Our Vision
Gracias MX is more than just a marketplace; it’s a platform for cultural preservation and education. We aim to bridge the gap between artisans and customers who are passionate about sustaining ancestral techniques. Our goal is to raise awareness about the authenticity of traditional Mexican designs, helping our customers distinguish genuine artisanal products from mass-produced imitations.

Be Part of Our Story
With every purchase from Gracias MX, you become an advocate for traditional artisanship, ensuring the survival of these incredible techniques and skills giving rightful recognition to their creators.