The famous handwoven belts

The famous handwoven belts

Santo Tomás Jalieza is a town renowned for its backstrap loom (Telar de Cintura) weaving technique, a pre-Hispanic tradition practiced mainly by women. 

This ancient method involves attaching one end of the loom to the weaver’s waist while the other is fixed to a tree or pole. The texture and designs in the fabric are achieved by manipulating the warp and weft, and the colors are derived from natural dyes obtained from plants and insects 

Alejandrina is a member of the Mendoza family. Alejandrina has a long history of creating belts (cinturones) and other handwoven textiles, contributing to the town’s recognition and the continuous production of these traditional crafts.

Given the communal nature of the craft, where the entire community participates in the weaving process, it’s emblematic of a collective effort rather than individual artistry. The unique textiles not only represent a source of livelihood but are a profound expression of their cultural heritage and historical lineage 


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